Pez Vela - The Home of Tequila

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pez Vela was probably my favourite dining place in Playa del Carmen. I'm ashamed to admit that this was largely because I got to eat my dinner on a swing, and I am clearly a child at heart. I will be honest, we stopped because of the swinging bar chairs, but we quickly fell in love with everything about Pez Vela. From the international currency that lined the roof of the bar along with international number plates, to their cocktail menu, I loved everything about it! We originally stopped just for a drink and the novelty, but we ended up staying for dinner because we were having such a good time. One of the security guys even made everyone personalised tequila bottles. Very smart, novelty items completely suck in people like me! I'm not sure what exactly that green cocktail is that I'm drinking, I just asked for whatever they thought was best, but it was amazing. Pez Vela is worth the trip just for those green cocktails!

Pez Vela
Quinta Avenida, 
77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico


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