5 Things To Do In Times Square

There is so much going on in New York City, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by choice! And Times Square is probably  one of the craziest and busiest places in NYC. No matter what time you’re here there’s always hundreds of people, cars and buses rushing around this time space. If you don’t know where to start in Times Square, here are some suggestions!

M&M World

I never knew that M&M’s could bring you so much joy, but this three story store filled with every M&M product you can imagine is nothing but happiness. There’s a whole level of merchandise – with everything from mugs and t-shirts to home wares, utensils and pillows, as well as an entire level of M&M’s.You can even customize M&M’s with words and pictures!

See A Broadway Show

Because come on, this is Broadway! There are so many shows to choose from and they are all so popular! Options include everything from The Lion King and Wicked, to The Book of Morman and Mamma Mia. If there’s a show you’re absolutely desperate to see I would definitely recommend booking your tickets well in advance. Tickets often sell out fast and booking early guarantees you a good seat! If you aren’t really fussed about what show you see and decide to just see what’s on, check out the TKTS stand in Times Square for last minute tickets at discounted prices.

People Watch

Times Square is one of the best places in the world to just people watch. There’s so much going on and you can always find something entertaining! Times Square has an extremely unique blend of people with everyone from tourists to broadway stars rushing around the square. People watching can be a lot of fun and there can be some extremely strange, funny and heartfelt moments!

Stock up on beauty at Sephora

If you’re an Australian travelling to NY you’re going to want to check out Sephora. It’s like heaven on earth, with beauty products almost always retailing at about half the price in America. Sephora stocks so many big name brands!  Every time I’m in the states I stock up on as much make-up as I can and usually come back with enough for a few months! On my first trip to Sephora I was so excited that I said to the sales assistant ‘you’re store is so great, this make up would be at least twice the price at home’ and she looked at me like I was crazy and said ‘oh my god, how do you even wear make-up?!’ It’s something you can’t appreciate until you experience it and it’s absolutely worth the trip!

Take photos with crazy characters

You can find everyone in Times Square – Iron Man, Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Captain America, Hello Kitty and The Naked Cowboy just to name a few! Their costumes range from perfect replicas that could pass for the actual characters, to incredibly ratty and dirty. The people in these costumes can spot a tourist from a mile away and every single one of them will come up to you and ask you if you want a photo! My advice – only engage in conversation with them if you actually want a photo, otherwise they can get quite rude. If you take a photo with them you have to remember to tip – this is how they make their money. My pick? The Naked Cowboy every time.

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