Snorkelling Around Hanauma Bay

If we’re being honest, my time in Hawaii was one big search for sea turtles. I really wanted to just come across one swimming in the water! I mean, that would be pretty magical. So with that goal in mind we set off to Hanauma Bay for a day of snorkelling on the reef. Hanauma Bay is both a Nature Preserve and a Marine Life Conservation District. The reef of Hanauma Bay is essentially a crater, developed from a volcanic explosion about 32,000 years ago, with the rocks and reef in the water creating a great home for some exotic marine life.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is dedicated to teaching visitors about the area. Before you are allowed down to the beach you watch a 10 minute movie about the history of the bay, the different types of fish and coral that you can expect to see in the water, and the importance of preserving nature and being respectful in such a sensitive environment. It’s really great when attractions such as Hanauma Bay include educational aspects, as it helps prevent trauma to the natural ecosystem and gives visitors an insight to the importance of the nature preserve.

Swimming and snorkelling around the reef and looking up at the surrounding mountains was amazing, even though we didn’t come across any sea turtles! It was a beautiful, peaceful place to relax and enjoy the beauty Oahu has to offer. The hunt continues..

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Emma Shaw

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