Hola from Cabo San Lucas

Hey everyone! 😊

I’m coming to you from Los Cabos airport in Mexico! Thom and I are currently travelling through Central America on our honeymoon. Our wedding day finally came around last Saturday and it went by SO FAST but it was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have asked for better weather (thank you Melbourne for finally providing a semi-stable day) and everything went very smoothly. I will do a full blog post on our wedding day when I get the professional photos back from the photographer for anyone who is interested. But in the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that for the next couple of weeks posts will probably be a little scarce, and a little random as I clear out some of the saved posts I haven’t gotten around to yet. I will start sharing our honeymoon around Central America as soon as we’re back in Australia! For live updates make sure to follow me on Instagram @amakebelieveworld.

Emma Shaw

Emma is a travel photographer and blogger, living in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Thom in between adventures. She started A Make Believe World to share her experiences, travel tips and destination advice with others, and to show that you can still explore the world while holding down a 9-5 job and paying off a mortgage!

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