Life in The Bahamas

We only had about 6 hours in the Bahamas. Just a quick day trip to drop by and see some of the Caribbean’s beautiful island life. We arrived via the Balearia Bahamas Express and jumped straight onto a transfer bus who took us to Port Lucaya. Port Lucaya was a beautiful colourful little town, whose shops and buildings were pink, blue, yellow and green, and had vibrant market scenes. The marketplace at Port Lucaya includes about 70 boutique shops, lots of traditional and western dining options and even a massive refurbished casino.

The beach at Port Lucaya was one of the most beautiful I have swam in. With the clearest water I have ever seen and white sand shores, it was absolutely stunning. We spent our time swimming in the warm water and walking along the endless beach shores. I really wish we had of had more time to spend on this beautiful little island. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, Port Lucaya was so beautiful.

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Emma Shaw

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