Finding Little Rocky, Anna Bay

One of the best ways to explore Anna Bay and the Port Stephens region is to just pull into any dirt or sand track that looks big enough to fit a car and see what you find at the end. That’s how we found Little Rocky! It is one of our favourite places to have stumbled across along Australia’s East Coast and it was a complete accident! It is the perfect example of how taking risks, following your instincts and seeking adventure can have such a beautiful outcome.

While we were exploring the area of Anna Bay and Port Stephens in New South Wales we found the hidden gem that is Little Rocky. We were driving down Gan Gan Road when Thom spotted a sand track called Big Rocky Road leading into the forest. We were there to do some 4×4 exploring anyway, so we thought why not take a chance and see where it goes! It was a tough track, it probably took us over an hour to get down and we got bogged in the sand more than once! But we were determined to find out what we would find at the end of this difficult track.

Big Rocky Road lead to Little Rocky Trail, and at the end of the trail was the most beautiful little bay I had ever seen. Completely deserted with not another person in sight, crystal clear waters, and endless natural beauty, we were just in love. The pictures speak for themselves. We could have stayed there forever and we were so thankful that we pushed through and made it to the end of the track. The struggle to get there made the destination even better!

I haven’t been able to find much about Little Rocky online, but if you’re planning a road trip of your own I found a map to it here. Definitely worth the effort if you’re looking for secret places – but make sure you have a 4-wheel drive! Wouldn’t recommend trying to get a normal car through these sand tracks.

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Emma Shaw

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