Para Para, Paradise

I can’t really explain how excited I was to not only find a pretty beach I had seen on Instagram, but also direct us to a specific palm tree. Might not sound like a lot in the days of geotagging, Google maps and Instagram places, but when you find a tree you’re looking for it really does feel like a big deal! Ranked as the best beach in Mexico, Playa Paraiso (paraiso obviously meaning “paradise”) is a huge stretch of white sand, covered in tall palm trees with turquoise water from the Caribbean Ocean as far as the eye can see. This palm tree is located at the edge of the beach that belongs to El Paraiso Hotel Tulum, just before the public beach.

Very easily accessible from the beach strip hotels, Tulum Ruins and even the main town of Tulum, Playa Paraiso is the perfect piece of paradise for you to spend your whole afternoon sunbaking and jumping in the waves. Pancho Villa Bar & Grill can be found as soon as you walk onto the beach, offering fresh coconuts, tacos and all sorts of treats for when you start to get peckish. If you want to secure the perfect spot under the iconic palm tree you will have to get there early, every inch of the palms shade was filled up with beach goers by the time we arrived in the afternoon!

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Emma Shaw

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