Cruising Down South Beach, Miami

South Florida has to be one of the most humid places I have ever been. It felt like it was hotter than Mexico and Tropical North Queensland put together. It may have been because I was fighting off a horrible cold and had a raging temperature. Maybe. But I am willing to say that it was the tropical weather of Miami all on it’s own.

We were determined that we were going to see Miami. We only had a few days in this beautiful tropical paradise, and no matter how sick we were we refused to spend those days in bed. So we rented a couple of bikes to explore the iconic South Beach on wheels. Probably one of the best ideas we could have thought of. We had such a nice day riding along the beach and enjoying the Miami vibe. South Beach is the home of tanned, toned bodies, sun-baking and palm trees – and it certainly lived up to that expectation. There were so many crazy characters along South Beach that made people watching so much fun. From the volleyball players and the gym junkies, to the guy clearly making a dating video on rollerblades and talking to a camera about what a good catch he was, we were endlessly entertained.

And if you couldn’t tell from my pictures, I am a complete sucker for palm trees. I absolutely love them, and use the palm tree emoji way more than necessary. They instantly make me think of holidays and adventures. Probably because these type of palms aren’t really around where I live, so it’s always a good day if I’m seeing one! It must mean I’m exploring! Miami had some of the most perfect palm trees I have ever seen – paradise!

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Emma Shaw

Emma is a travel photographer and blogger, living in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Thom in between adventures. She started A Make Believe World to share her experiences, travel tips and destination advice, and to inspire others to travel the world and their own backyard whenever they can.

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