The Beauty of Central Park

Central Park was one of my favourite places in NYC. It is absolutely massive and endlessly beautiful. You could easily walk around the park for hours and constantly keep seeing new things. As we were visiting in the summer time everything was beautiful and green. My parents had been in NYC last March and it’s amazing to see the difference between their photos and ours. Around March the trees were naked and snow and ice coated the whole park. But in the summertime the park is alive with people and a million different things going on.

Areas you must check out in Central Park – The Mall, a stunning long walkway with arching trees proving some shade and the location of countless movies and TV shows; Minton Tile Ceiling at Bethesda Terrace, the terrace was created in the 1860s – completely unexpected in the middle of a park and absolutely stunning; Loeb Boathouse, grab yourself a row boat and row around the lake for a different perspective. There were still so many parts of Central Park we didn’t get to see, you could easily spend days just exploring this area!

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Emma Shaw

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