The Essentials: New Orleans, USA

 Experience the deep south in New Orleans, Louisiana. Where horse and carts still roam the streets, you can grab a drive through daiquiri or walk around the French Quarter with your cocktails, there are jazz bars on almost every corner and you’re only a short drive away from the an airboat ready to fly you across the swamps spotting alligators.


Louisiana, USA

Time Zone

Central Time Zone UTC -6.

Getting There

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is the main airport in New Orleans. From the airport you can get an airport shuttle service to your hotel for about $24USD per person, alternatively you might find that a taxi or Uber driver is a cheaper ride (Lyft doesn’t have a permit to pick up from the airport yet). The airport is located about 25 minutes out of the city centre.




Subtropical climate with pleasant temperatures all year round. Visiting in February it was beautifully sunny but quite cool in the early mornings and the evenings.

Getting Around

If you’re just exploring around the French Quarter you can pretty much get everywhere on foot. For trips that were a little further out we found that the best way was by ride apps Uber or Lyft. Most drivers work on both platforms so compare both apps for the best price.


Currency is USD $. Credit and debit cards widely accepted in all hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. ATMs easily accessible.

Internet Access

No problems – most hotels offer free wifi as well as some popular restaurants and dining establishments.

The Main Streets

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, Frenchmen Street for local hangouts and live music,  as well as Magazine Street and St Charles Avenue which is where you will find the street cars. Canal Street is the traditional “main street” of New Orleans, and is definitely worth a visit at some point during your trip.

Best Time To Go

February – May during the spring time is the most popular time to visit New Orleans due to the mild weather, as well as heaps of special events around the city.

Can’t Miss

+ Mardi Gras Season, January to March – make sure you check the actual date of Mardi Gras so you don’t miss the parade and celebrations
+ Explore the French Quarter
+ Take a sightseeing tour of the city to learn a little about the area and it’s history, especially during the time of Hurricane Katrina
+ Take your cocktails to go and enjoy the historical beauty New Orleans has to offer
+ Experience the true deep south with a day trip out to the swamplands where you can airboat and search for alligators

Good To Know

Always be careful around Bourbon Street. While it is the most popular and recognizable street in New Orleans it’s actually quite seedy, and with people trying to sell you things and get money out of you left right and centre it can be a bit overwhelming.

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