Staying at Victoria Falls Rainbow Hotel

Victoria Falls was the perfect town to remind you that you were in Africa. The whole town consisted of two tiny streets full of cafes, souvenir shops and tourist information, with a supermarket around the back. Everything was in walking distance, surrounded by trees and bushland, and there were monkeys running around everywhere. There were all types of monkeys, including baboons just running freely around the hotel grounds, the streets and the boarder crossings. We were definitely in Africa.

During our time in Victoria Falls we stayed at the Rainbow Hotel and it was fantastic. It was at the end of the main street in town, only about a 5 minute walk to the middle of town. The location was perfect. You could easily walk to Victoria Falls from the hotel in about 20 minutes, and all taxi rides were only around $5.

The hotel grounds were just beautiful. There was a pool in the middle of the grounds, with a swimup bar and spa as well! Staff are quick to remind you not to leave your belongings unattended especially around the pool because the monkeys are quick to steal things. And they weren’t wrong! On our first trip down to the pool we were very entertained to watch a cheeky monkey sneak down from a tree and over to a guests sunbed, who had gone to get a drink. The monkey snuck down slowly, and after having a nibble of the lady’s book, he grabbed her sunscreen and ran off. We couldn’t believe how confident they were! I wish I had of had my camera there to capture it!

The staff at the Rainbow Hotel were so lovely and friendly, and tried to help you with anything you needed. Even through a little difficulty understanding each other they went above and beyond to accommodate anything you needed. You can check out more about the Rainbow Hotel here. I always recommended looking at Hotels Combined to get the best deal!

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Emma Shaw

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