Visiting Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls has definitely secured it’s place as one of the largest and most amazing waterfalls in the world, and when you’re standing face to face with the Falls it’s not hard to understand why.

Victoria Falls lies on the boarder of Zimbabwe and Zambia, and is a World Heritage Site. And it’s not hard to understand why. The falls are just magnificent. At 108 metrestall and 1,708 metres wide, Victoria Falls is considered the world’s largest sheet of falling water, and is roughly twice the height of Canada’s Niagra Falls! It is nothing short of amazing.

We spent our first full day in Zimbabwe exploring Victoria Falls National Park. The Park enables visitors to walk along the falls and see it from all points of view. It has 16 stops along the way with amazing photo opportunities and information about the falls. The walk includes views of the Livingstone statue, the Devils Cataract, the Main Falls and Livingstone Island, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls, Danger Point and the Eastern Cataract and the Victoria Falls Bridge.

The views are just spectacular. The feeling of being at Victoria Falls and being completely saturated by the mist of the falls was incredible. We took our time making our way along the walk, through the rainforest and right up to the edge of the cliffs. By the end of the walk we were completely soaked! The mist coming out of the falls, especially around the Main Falls area leaves you dripping wet, however once you’re out if it the sunny Zimbabwe sun is quick to dry you off. The fact that you could walk right up to the edge of the cliffs left me speechless. It truly allows the Falls to remain as untouched as possible, letting the natural beauty of the falls speak for themselves. I think this was so special to me because it would never happen at home for safety reasons, but I loved it. I think the pictures speak for themselves, Victoria Falls is magnificent.

After the Falls we decided to take a walk over the Victoria Falls Bridge and into Zambia. Living in Australia – on an island with serious customs regulations, the idea that you could simply walk over the boarder and into another county was so foreign to me, I couldn’t believe it. We simply got our passport stamped and left Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls Bridge would probably be halfway between the Zimbabwe and Zambia boarder control. It is offers you another different view of the bridge, as well as the crazy feeling of being in limbo – or in two countries at the same time. Bungee Jumping is particularly popular off the bridge, and The Bridge Cafe offers you a great view of the people game enough to try it.

We flew into Zimbabwe specifically to visit the falls and it did not disappoint. It was undeniably one of the highlights of our time in Africa, and was definitely worth the journey.

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