Visiting Cape Woolamai with Dean Faulkner

Hey so I’m Dean, long time friend of Emma and Thom, and nearly a year into my new photography hobby. Emma asked me to write a blog post for The Pinnacles on Phillip Island, so here it is! As a disclaimer, I’ve never written a blog post before, so please excuse me if it’s not up to Emma’s standard. BUT, if you bare with me and make it through, hopefully I can leave you with some information about this awesome little corner of Victoria!

The Nobbies

The Pinnacles of Cape Woolamai sit an easy 2 hour drive from Melbourne, and are perfectly situated for a day trip. If day trips aren’t your thing, stay for the weekend in Phillip Island (only 15 minutes away) and treat yourself to everything the island has to offer. Be it go-carting or watching a race at the Grand Prix circuit, treating yourself to some mouth pleasure at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory or watching the famous Penguin Parade, the list goes on and on. But for now, we’ll just focus on your trip to The Pinnacles and how to avoid making the same mistakes I did!

Boulder Beach

Now, if you’re into photography like me and you want to do a day trip like I did, let me tell you how I would do it next time. I recommend you leave some time in the morning, doesn’t have to be too early, but give yourself enough time to get there, relax and explore before you get caught in the dark. Like I did.

I recommend going to The Nobbies as your first stop on Phillip Island. There you can get something to eat or drink from the cafe and stretch your legs after the drive, as you walk along the boardwalks and enjoy the views of the south coast of Victoria. These quick walks can get pretty crowded from tour buses and tourists, so if crowds aren’t your thing jump back in your car and take the dirt road (known as The Bvd) towards the Penguin Parade. After maybe 500 metres you’ll arrive at another lookout, way less crowded with just as good if not better views than The Nobbies. It’s a win win!

If your sole reason for reading this is to learn a bit about The Pinnacles, this bit is for you! You’ll want to follow the Cape Woolamai signs – the turn off is roughly 2 kilometres after the bridge to Phillip Island. Then, just follow the signs until you reach the surf life saving club car park.

Now just so you know what you’re getting into: the track to The Pinnacles is 2 kilometres of soft sand and there are two ways of reaching it – either by the track the whole way, or along the surf beach and then onto the track. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and take water and maybe a snack or two for the trip.

Once you reach The Pinnacles you can either stay at the top and lookout over the cliffs, or make your way down to Boulder Beach to better check them out. If you want to go down to the beach I highly recommend you don’t go down the dirt track closest to the path, like I did. It’s very steep and hard to navigate without sliding down on your bum! If you walk toward the lookout there is another small path leading down to the left (see picture above) – much easier! Once you’re down there it’s pretty hard to take a bad photo, especially if you get there at sunrise or sunset.

So there you have it! That’s The Pinnacles of Cape Woolamai. If you’re looking for even more views you can keep wandering along the path towards the lighthouse, where more awesome scenery and views can be found! Enjoy your sore calves for the next few days!

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