Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

What an adventure whale watching is!! It was something that I had never seriously thought of – it wasn’t something that I planned trips around, monitored the seasonality of or planned for, it was just a happy accident. It was only when we arrived at Los Cabos airport and someone gave us a flyer and told us it was whale season that we thought why not!! It turns out, from mid-January to mid-March is actually the best time for whale watching in Cabo San Lucas, when humpback whales and gray whales often get really close to the bay and the coastline. And we were visiting in February, what a fluke.

We booked a Whale Watching Photo Safari for the next day with Cabo Adventures, known for being one of the best tour companies in Cabo. And they were phenomenal! Our tour was for 12pm, so shortly after that we boarded our little rubber boat and headed out to the ocean to look for these great gentle giants. As we were leaving the marina we were joined by playful seals swimming along side us and as soon as we got out to the sea we even spotted a marlin jumping out of the water that definitely looked like it was being chased by something under the surface!

As we got out to the ocean and started looking for the whales, we were unbelievably lucky. During our tour there were about three to five humpback whales putting on quite a show for us. They were playing together, breaching and jumping out of the water and gave us so many opportunities for amazing out of the water photos! I can’t say enough good things about Cabo Adventures. Their tour guides were extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and helpful and they were SO GOOD at finding those whales!

Booking a whale watching tour, it’s easy to forget that 99% of the time, the whales are underwater and are extremely hard to find and see. We were super lucky to have so many sightings of whales jumping out of the ocean, most tours definitely don’t have THAT many breaching whales in one 2 hour trip. So grateful!

The low-down:

Tickets cost $85USD per person.

Includes return transfers from your hotel to the marina.

If you don’t want to take your own camera/photos, you can purchase a CD with photos taken by the local photographer on your tour for $39USD when you get back to the Dolphin Discovery Centre.

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