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Visiting The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Continuing on our National Parks of USA adventure, we headed South in Arizona to The Grand Canyon. It was technically our second visit to the Canyon. On our last visit to Las Vegas, we had taken a helicopter flight over the Canyon, however I was extremely unwell at the time, and spent most of the flight just trying not to be sick all over the people next to me. Needless to say, we were very excited about our second, but first real visit to the iconic American landmark.

10 Natural Wonders You Can't Miss in Arizona

The state of Arizona in the United States offers some of the most diverse and incredible natural wonders you could ever hope to stumble across. Yet they are all found in the same state, close enough together to fit into a road trip! How insane is that! With majestic turquoise waterfalls, red sand deserts, deep historic canyons, mountains topped with snow and a land full of cacti, it's hard to believe all these different environments can be squished into the same state. Here are ten natural wonders that you should definitely add to your Arizona bucket list.

Sitting On The Edge of Horseshoe Bend

There was one place in Arizona's desert land that had captured my attention more than anywhere else, so when we started planning our road trip through Arizona and California I knew I had to make sure we got there. For now, Horseshoe bend remains quite an off the beaten path attraction. There is no observation deck, or ticket fees to visit, there is no handrail or fencing to keep you away from the edge. There is literally just a dirt car park and a small trail, leading you to the horseshoe shaped bend in the Colorado River, offering you the chance to get your adrenaline pumping and sit on the edge of the 1,000 foot drop.

Exploring Monument Valley, Utah

Sitting on the boarder of Arizona and Utah, and part of the Navajo Nation is where you will find the iconic and infamous Monument Valley. The state line actually runs right through this the perfect picture of America's West. Where you could easily picture cowboys roaming the land on horseback. The Valley is all red roads and rock formations, and rather than being an actual valley is more like a wide, flat, desert like landscape, covered in rock formations towering over the roads. 

Road Tripping Through Arizona

Leaving Texas, our next stop in USA was Arizona. It was thankfully our last domestic flight in America (we were so over the super early airport call times), and we were planning to spend our last week or so road tripping through Arizona and California. We caught a 6am flight and landed at Phoenix Airport super early, ready for a long day of driving - approximately 6 hours out to Monument Valley.