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Searching For Cowboys: A Guide to the Fort Worth Stockyards

We arrived in Texas with one main goal in mind... to experience the wild west. To visit the stockyards, meet some cowboys, and maybe catch a rodeo or two. We only had a couple of days to spend in Texas, and after much deliberation about where to spend our time (San Antonio, Austin and Houston were all in the running) we settled on Dallas / Fort Worth, with the Fort Worth Stockyards at the top of our list. Unfortunately, since we were visiting Texas in February, we didn't have the best weather, with constant rain and bitter cold making it a little bit harder to experience everything Fort Worth had to offer. But we gave it our best shot, trying to see everything we could between the downpours! 

How To Create A Travel Itinerary

Depending on how spontaneous a traveller you are, creating a travel itinerary can be a great help to planning your upcoming adventure. As much as I wish I could be, I am not a spontaneous traveller. I am often taking time off from work, have a limited time in each country/city I'm visiting and don't want to miss out on anything significant or important from poor planning. When you're travelling on limited time like we normally do, it really pays to create a travel itinerary before you leave so you don't waste time trying to organize transfers and activities while you're over there. Here's a few steps to how I plan my perfect travel itinerary.

Top 10 Sydney Coastal Walks

No matter how long or short your stay is in Sydney, you must do at least one coastal walk. The city of Sydney is surrounded by so many beautiful beaches, bays, coastal walks as well as bushland, and they are so easy to explore, you would be silly not to! Check out the below ideas for ten beautifully stunning coastal walks around Sydney.

Living The Southern Dream: Airboating in Louisiana

If you're looking to get out of the city and see more of the southern life Louisiana has to offer, exploring the swamps on an airboat tour is the way to go. For our second visit to USA we were looking to have a little more of an authentic southern experience and get to know some of the locals, and let me tell you - there is no better way then on an airboat flying across a swamp.

The Ultimate NOLA Bucketlist

New Orleans. Maybe the most underrated city of Southern USA. In past years, New Orleans has been known as being one of the most dangerous cities in America, riddled with street violence and theft. But the tables have been turning recently, with more and more people travelling to the Louisiana town and falling in love with it's unique characteristics and charm. It's an up-and-coming hot spot for anyone travelling to USA, so to help with you're planning here's a few of the things that should definitely be on your to-do list.